Toyota Touch

We service your Toyota the way we built it. This ensures your Toyota is running like new for years to come. There is, however, something more you can do to keep your Toyota in great condition and safeguard its value. Give your Toyota the extra care it deserves by protecting it from the elements like sun, salt, water and sand. Give your Toyota the Toyota Touch.
We offer three levels of professional detailing services designed specifically for your Toyota. Trust our detailing specialists to help protect your investment.

Toyota Touch professional detailing services help protect your vehicle from the elements like sun, salt, water and sand using specially formulated chemicals for your Toyota.

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Regular service keeps your vehicle running like new. But to keep it in even better condition, and safeguard its value, give your Toyota the extra care it deserves.

Our Toyota Touch detailing specialists offer a choice of three service levels — Deluxe, Premium and Ultimate — each designed to help protect your investment.


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Why Detail My Car?

Detailing your car isn’t always about the cosmetic benefits. Proper detailing improves and helps maintain the health of your car in much the same way as changing the oil and spark plugs. Not only that, it can help improve the resale value of your car in years to come.

Paint Health

Appropriate cleaning, polishing and waxing greatly extend the life of your car’s paint. The paint protects the metal underneath, and if degraded, can result in rust and corrosion.

Road Salt

Although not a huge issue in Alberta, the prevalence of road salt deposits in the wheel wells and chassis can eat through the car’s paint, causing damage that can cost you big time.

Improved Lighting

Proper detailing also includes the cleaning of headlights and taillights. Mild deposits of dirt on your lights can cause a large reduction of available light while driving in dark or harsh weather conditions.

Interior Condition

By regularly cleaning your interior, you get rid of bad odors, protect surfaces from fading and help prevent cracking and discoloration of the dash panels. Not only does this greatly improve resale price, it also adds a great deal of comfort for the driver.

Wheels and Tires

Oils, solvents, brake dust and other chemicals frequently encountered during normal driving can have a negative effect on your wheels and tires. By properly detailing them, you not only keep them looking good, but you also reduce the risks of cracking in the sidewalls or failure of the wheels due to corrosion.

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