Customer Relations

Customer Relationship Management is the strongest and the most efficient approach in maintaining and creating relationships with customers. It is strong personal bonding within people to create a better and deeper bond with Toyota customers in Pakistan; Toyota Multan Motors looks for building personal and emotional link between the organization and its customers so to identify the actual needs of customers and to help them serve in a better way. We feel glad to listen to customer’s concern, questions, suggestions and feedback and take prompt actions in satisfying our customer’s needs. Our Customer Relations Department keeps an eye at every single detail related to our customers as we believe making and keeping customers satisfied has benefits that stretch beyond simply having satisfied patrons. Our well groomed and co-operative Customer Relations Team is always open to every idea or suggestion to improve our product & services. We pay utmost attention to customers every commendation, complaint, claim and provide the appropriate processing as early as possible for immediate customer satisfaction.

Quality Assurance

Since its founding, Toyota has steadfastly carried out quality assurance activities, resulting in top ratings from our customers. The core principles behind Toyota's quality assurance system, including 'Customer First', 'Quality First', and 'Genchi Genbutsu (Go&see at the scene)', were established when the company was founded. Since then, these principles have been passed on and inform every organizational level of today's Toyota, from the shop floor to executive management.


Innovation doesn’t always mean new for new’s sake. At Toyota it means better for your sake. We have a word for it- “kaizen”, which means continuous improvement, and it guides everything that we do. So whether it’s something as revolutionary as hybrid technology, or as blatantly practical as a conversation mirror for mum, it’s recognizing the power of ideas that drives us forward.
No process can ever be declared perfect but it can always be improved. Kaizen in practice means that all team members in all parts of the organization are continuously looking for ways to improve operations, and people at every level in the company support this process of improvement. Kaizen also requires the setting of clear objectives and targets. It is very much a matter of positive attitude, with the focus on what should be done rather than what can be done.

A culture of continuous improvement

Toyota Production System goes beyond the areas that are purely related to production processes. It also extends to the whole organization – sales and marketing, administration, product development and management. Every employee, regardless of position is treated equally. Toyota takes care to nurture a sense of pride and efficiency in the workplace. This is supported by the 5S:

  • SEIRI – Sifting
  • SEITON – Sorting
  • SEISO – Sweeping and cleaning
  • SEIKETSU – Spick-and-span
  • SHITSUKE – Sustain