Toyota Genuine chemical products are high performance Toyota family products designed by TMC especially for Toyota Vehicles to provide extra care for your Car, These Chemical best suit your Vehicle with ultimate Performance.

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Toyota Genuine Chemicals are highly recommended for all Toyota Vehicles as they are specially designed. So don’t compromise on something ordinary but the best for your Car.


To protect your vehicle parts from damage.

Enhance your vehicle life with exceptional performance.

It helps you keep your Toyota looking and running like new.

It safeguards your vehicle’s performance always.

Meet / Exceeds Toyota Warranty Requirement.

To be confident you’re giving your vehicle the best care possible.



Q1 What is ‘IMC’?
IMC stands for Indus Motor Company Ltd. It is a joint venture of the Toyota Motor Corporation, Toyota Tsusho Corporation, Japan and the House of Habib, Pakistan.

Q2 When was Indus Motor Company established?
The Company was incorporated on Dec 17, 1989, Ground Breaking Ceremony was held on and the manufacturing plant was inaugurated on April 22, 1993.

Q3 When was the stock made public?
Ans: May 25th 1992

Accounting and finance

Q1 When does the fiscal year end and when is the meeting of shareholders held?
The closing date of financial and operating activities is June 30. The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders is generally held in September every year.

Q2 How can I obtain information about the most recent financial statements?
Please refer to (Annual report section) this page for our recent business results.

Q3 How can I obtain information about the sales and profit in the past five years?
A pdf file of Company’s Annual Reports can be viewed online or downloaded. Please refer to Financial Report section.


Q1 What is ‘IMC’ symbol in various stock exchange of?

Q2 What is the trading unit of the shares?
As per law, the trading unit is one.

Q4 Who should I contact about share related procedures?
Please contact your Brokerage House for share trading purpose
Please contact Share Registrar if you have questions or requests about share related procedures such as change of address or name, registration of dividends receiving method, repurchase request of odd-lot shares, request of forms for the procedures, and so on.

Q7 Is there any special benefit plan for the shareholders?
No, there is no special benefit plan for the shareholders by Indus Motor Company

Q8 What is the date for the announcement of dividend to shareholders?
Generally the year-end dividend is announced in month of Aug/Sep and interim dividend in the month of Feb.

Q9 Free float shares details of the Company.
12,098,888= shares as on December 31, 2015.

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