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Sales Department FAQ'S
What is booking price of Gli MT? Rs.17,70,500
What is the duration for intallments? The duration of installments ranges from 1 to 7 years.
In how many Solid colours XLI is availiable? White & Black
What is warranty period for Corolla?
The warranty period for Corolla is 50,000 km or 2 years,
which ever comes first.
What is VVTI? Variable Valve Timing With Intelligence
What is EFI? Electronic fuel injection
What is the booking price of Xli 1.3L? Rs.16,45,500
What is the price to make the discount card? Rs.500
How many colours are in Gli? 7 Colours
What is the booking price of Gli AT 1.6L? Rs. 18,45,500

Service Department FAQ'S

How many services are free at your dealership? 1st service is free at 1,000K.M/45 days which ever comes first.
Where should I go for warranty service? Any authorized Toyota Dealer in this country will perform warranty services.
What if engine oil is not replaced in the Vehical? If Engine oil did not replaced on time then it result in following problems.
1. Engine oil gets deteriorated
2. Engine performance gets low.
3. Engine seizures.
What if the engine oil filter is not replaced on time? Filter gets choked, Choked filter can cause damages to engine valuable parts.
User must follow regular  periodic maintainance.
What's the timming of your workshop? Summer Timming 9 A.M to 6 P.M
Winter timming  9 A.M to 5 P.M
What is the maximum time of any vehicle tunning? Near About 1 Hour
What is the location of your dealership? Bosan Road Near BZU, Multan
Is Workshop is open on Sunday? Yes, only for Mechnical work.

Spare Parts Department FAQ'S

What Does toyota Genuine Spark plugs Do? Toyota Gennine spark plug maintian optimum vehical performances.
They durable and stable in performances
When it is the right time to repalce TMO?
The right time to replace TMO is after every 5000km.
Upto what milage spark plugs should be replaced?
Spark plug should be replaced after every 40,000km
Is Genuine spare parts are available at toyota motors?  Yes, 100% Gnuine parts are available at toyota Motors.
Gun Metalic, Medium Sliver, Wine Red